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Blade Materials for Wire Cutting

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Blade Materials for Wire Cutting


It can be used for cutting monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, neodymium magnet, quartz crystal, sapphire, etc. It is the engineering processing material for multi-line cutting machines.


It adopts the company’s self-developed patented cleaning and purification technology, so this kind of micro powder has a high purity and clean crystal surface, which can reduce the influence of various factors on the stability of the cutting fluid and increase the redundancy of various technical parameters, thus ensuring that the silicon carbide powder can match well with different cutting fluid to increase the cutting stability;

2.The basic particle shape is equivalent and has the cutting edge, which guarantees the balanced self-sharpness of silicon carbide powder as the cutting blade material, thus ensuring the minimization of TTV of the materials to be cut.

3.Independently developed high-precision grading production line makes the particle shape neat and even, and the particle size of each batch stable.

4.Its good thermal stability ensures that the coefficient of linear expansion is small, and the cutting materials are not easy to have a chemical reaction, so as not to produce adhesion and diffusion and result in the passivation of abrasive particles and reduction or loss of cutting ability.