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Silicon Carbide Powder for Special Coatings

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Silicon Carbide Powder for Special Coatings

It can be used for special coating, non-stick coating, etc


1.Great potential in less/more resin consumption: Because spheres have the smallest specific surface area of any shape, they require the least amount of resin, and stacking situation of particles has also been improved. The wide particle size distribution of silicon carbide particles allows small spheres to fill the gaps between larger spheres, and the result is: high addition, high solid content, lower VOC and reduced amount of other components

2.Low viscosity/Improve liquidity: Unlike irregularly shaped particles, silicon carbide particles roll easily between each other, which allows the system using silicon carbide particles to have a lower viscosity and better fluidity. Moreover, spray ability of the system has been improved

3.Hardness/abrasive resistance: Silicon carbide powder is a kind of high-strength and hard micro spheres, which can enhance the hardness, washing resistance and abrasive resistance

4.Inertness: Silicon carbide powder is composed of inert components, so it has excellent durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance

Opaqueness: The spherical shape of silicon carbide powder makes light slow and scattered, which increases the covering power of coating.

6.No crystalline silicon pollution: Unlike other fillers, the content of crystalline silicon in silicon carbide powder is below the harmful level.